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Electric Poultry Fence

ELECTRIC POULTRY FENCING (PoultryNet?) is a mesh fence that will keep most non-flying poultry contained and protected from most ground predators, including raccoons, coyotes, foxes, and dogs.  It is excellent for rapidly rotating poultry from one grass and/or garden area to another.

The close spacing (2.5” x 3”) of the vertical and lower horizontal "wires" provides both a physical and a pain barrier to birds, while the pain barrier repels most predators. It is fast to install, adjust and remove.  We recommend using ELETRIC POULTRY FENCING with one of the fence energizers shown on this page.

ELECTRIC POULTRY FENCING: 164' long by 48" tall. Comes with 4 Corner/End posts.


BATTERY POWER PACKAGE: Includes Energizer, Battery, and Fence Tester. Can Energize up to 3-164 ft. rolls of fencing.

PLUG-IN POWER SOURCE PACKAGE: Includes 110 Volt "Plug-In" Energizer, Ground Rod & Clamp, 100 ft. insulated galvanized steel wire, and Fence Tester. Can Energize up to 3 - 164 ft. rolls of fencing. Requires a 110 Volt power source.

PS15 PATRIOT SOLAR ENERGIZER KIT Contains: 1 - PS15 Patriot Solar Energizer, 1 - 3' Ground Rod and  1 - 6-Light Tester

Note: the PS15 PATRIOT SOLAR ENERGIZER KIT is for normal PoultryNetTM installations of 2 nets or less. If more than that or if you have dry, sandy or rocky conditions, you may need an alternate energizer.




Conductors: Prefabricated 48” tall netting of 12 poly-wires. 1 - 164 ft. roll.

Line Posts: Prefabricated string verticals every 3” and plastic posts built-in every 12 ft.

Corner/End Posts: PowerPosts or FiberRods.

Energizer: Allow 0.2 joules of output for every 3 nets.

Windup System: None needed. Folds and unfolds as a package.

Gates: None needed. Opens easily at any end or connection.

Skill Level: 2 (Scale: 1 - 5)

Time To Install: 6 minutes per 164 ft. roll

Life (yrs.): 7

Other: Do not use to fence turkeys.

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Catalog Number Description each Order (QTY)
click to enlarge 5PF1 Electric Poultry Fencing With 4 Posts $194.00 (each) Order (QTY)
Plugin Power Source 5PF3 Plug-in Power Source Package $151.20 (each) Order (QTY)
Solar Energizer Kit for Fencing 5PF4 Solar Energizer Kit for Fencing $264.00 (each) Order (QTY)
  5PF5 Battery Energizer Kit $156.95 (each) Order (QTY)
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Electric Poultry Fence