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Certified Organic Complete Feeds
Catalog Number Description each How Many
6OCS25 Organic Chick Starter 25 Lbs $28.80
6OCG25 Organic Chick Grower 25 Lbs $28.35
6OCF25 Organic Chicken Finisher 25lbs $27.50
6OLC25 Organic Layer Complete 25 Lbs $27.10
6OCS Organic Chick Starter 50 Lbs $44.65
6OCG Organic Chick Grower 50 Lbs $43.10
6OCF Organic Chicken Finisher 50 Lbs $40.45
6OLC Organic Layer Complete Feed 50 Lbs $43.35
6OPL Organic Premium Layer Feed 50 Lbs $43.35
6OTS Organic Turkey Starter Feed 50 Lbs $52.70
6OTG Organic Turkey Grower Feed 50 Lbs $50.65
6OTF Organic Turkey Finisher Feed 50 Lbs $47.70
6ODS Organic Duck Starter Feed 50 Lbs $46.05
6ODG Organic Duck Grower Feed 50 Lbs
Currently Backordered
6ODF Organic Duck Finisher Feed 50 Lbs $44.45
6OWG Organic Wild Game Feed 50 Lbs $51.60
6FCS Organic Whole Kernel Corn 50 Lbs
Currently Backordered
6FCM Organic Medium Ground Corn 50 Lbs
Currently Backordered
6FSG Scratch Grains 50 Lbs $32.80
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These feeds are complete and ready to feed, organic certified, and free of any antibiotics and hormones.

Organic Chick Starter: Feed from 0 to 3 weeks of age. Chick starter is a 22% protein feed with a balance of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It will get your chicks off to a rapid and healthy start.

Organic Chick Grower: Feed from 3 to 5 weeks of age. Chick grower ration is a 20% protein feed, balancing the energy needs and protein requirements for continued chick growth, while maintaining the essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy chicks.

Organic Broiler Finisher: Feed from 5 weeks to finish. Broiler Finisher is an 18% protein feed, satisfying the nutritional needs as feed consumption increases and the broilers reach their optimal weight.

Organic Layer Complete Feed: Layer rations should be started at approximately 10 weeks of age and is formulated to optimize peak egg production and reduce cracked shells.


Certain feeds are not kept on hand. If back ordered it takes only an extra day. This ensures premium feed and supplements are always fresh!

Questions & Answers
What is the best feed level for our ducks? They are 8-10 months old.
It is suggested Duck Starter feed for 0-3 weeks of age, Duck Grower/Developer feed at 4-20 weeks of age. Duck Layer feed is recommended after 20 weeks of age.
Does the Organic premium layer feed come in 25lb bags too?
No, it is only available in the 50lb bags of feed.
What do I feed Bobwhite quails when they hatch?
You should feed them a gamebird feed. Ours is called the wild game feed.
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