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Chick Feeders
BriteTap Chicken Feeder

An innovative chick feeder helps minimize waste, keeps food dry and grows with your birds. 

feeder base
Galvanized Feeder Base Quart
Just add 1 quart home canning jar to this galvanized round feeder base and you have this convenient feeder completed. Ideal for small birds. Requires a small mouth canning jar.

Chick Feeder
This 20” plastic feeder comes with a reel to prevent roosting and will not rust. Easy to clean.

Snap-On Feeder
Ideal for starting chicks or other small birds. It is made of galvanized steel and is 1 inch deep. It comes with a snap on top that makes it easy to fill.

Made of galvanized steel and are good for day old through 6 week old chicks. Each feeder is two foot long and will take care of up to 35 chicks.