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Gamebird Equipment
Gamebird Equipment
feeder base
Galvanized Feeder Base Quart
Just add 1 quart home canning jar to this galvanized round feeder base and you have this convenient feeder completed. Ideal for small birds. Requires a small mouth canning jar.

Quail Waterers
This smaller waterer is perfect for quail, partridge, bantams, and other small birds. It is made of hard plastic, is easy to clean and disinfect, and comes in two c
4GGF1 Gamechick feeders
Game Chick Feeder
The Game chick feeder's sturdy plastic construction allows it to hold five (5) pounds of feed.  The feed is on a continuous flow basis so that the oldest feed is eaten first.

Quail Recovery Pen
This is a must for all quail breeders, dog trainers, and shooting preserve operators.

Snap-On Feeder
Ideal for starting chicks or other small birds. It is made of galvanized steel and is 1 inch deep. It comes with a snap on top that makes it easy to fill.

50 Lb. Range Tank Feeders
Great for pastured poultry. Keeps the elements from ruining your feed.
chick starter, home, two week
Quail Starter Kit
This kit includes two - 1 quart waterers, 1 game bird feeder, 1 single bulb brooder complete with infra-red bulb, brooder thermometer and the book, “Raising Bobwhite Quail”.
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