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Fly and Mite Control
Murray's Dust Powder
Murray's Dusting Powder
Eliminate all lice and mites.
McMurray Hatchery - Insectrin X Concentrate
Insectrin X

Insectrin X concentrate is a long lasting livestock and premise spray that provides quick knock-down, and broad-spectrum insect control for up to 28 days. Controls poultry lice, fowl mites, ticks, fleas, flies, and numerous other insects. 

Dust applicator
With this hand crank duster you can evenly and quickly disperse Dia-Secticide over a large area. Corrosion-resistant plastic and stainless steel parts for years of service.

Scalex Mite And Lice Spray For Birds
McMurray Hatchery Fly Catcher Strips
Fly Catcher Strips

Quickbayt Granuals
QuickBayt Granualscontains a unique active ingredient that controls nuisance flies through ingestion. The active ingredient is contained in a sugar-based matrix that flies find irresistible.
McMurray Hatchery - Prozap Permethrin Poultry Dust
Prozap Insectrin Dust