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McMurray Hatchery Pearl White Leghorn
Pearl White Leghorn
The Pearl White Leghorn is, by far, our best white egg layer. White Leghorn hens lay the most eggs of the highest grade, uniform size and shape, and highest interior quality of any breed we offer. 

McMurray Hatchery Single Comb Brown Leghorn
Single Comb Brown Leghorns
These are generally recognized as the most colorful of the Leghorn family and like all Leghorns lay white eggs, are nonsetters, have large combs and white ear lobes, and yellow skin, shanks and feet. Our Brown Leghorns have been improved over the years by the introduction of the world famous Danish strain.
McMurray Hatchery Red Leghorn Rooster
Red Leghorns
This variety is rare and unusual. Imagine a rich, brilliant red plumage color combined with a graceful carriage, sweeping tail, white ear lobes, and yellow shanks and toes.
McMurray Hatchery Silver Leghorn
Silver Leghorn
The Silver Leghorn is a rare and beautiful variety. Our strain is very carefully selected for correct color and type if you're looking for a Heritage Breed. Males are silvery white and lustrous greenish black. Females have a salmon colored breast and silver-gray neck, back and wings. Hens make good white egg layers and this breed is very vigorous, quick and alert. 
McMurray Hatchery Rose Comb Brown Leghorn
Rose Comb Brown Leghorns
These have exactly the same plumage color as the S.C. variety, but instead of the straight blade single combs they have rose combs, which are low, solid, thick, and covered with small rounded points.
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