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ORDERING CHUKAR PARTRIDGE OR BOBWHITE QUAIL: For safe delivery, your order for Chukar Partridge must total 35 or 70 and for Quail your order must total 100 or more birds of any one breed. We can't mix the different breeds of quail to make 100. Before buying either of these birds, please check with the Regulatory Agency in your state that controls wildlife management. You may need a permit.


Do not give quail city water, as it contains too much chlorine and flouride.


**IMPORTANT** Baby quail need finely ground feed. If your starter feed is too coarse, it will need to be ground a second time before it is fed to baby quail.  This will make it more palatable to the chicks.



IMPORTANT!  -  A physical address of the final destination is required on all orders for the health papers that accompany Chukar Partridge and Pheasants!


You must provide this when booking your order!






We need to know about cancellations by 10 a.m. Thursday before our ship date.

If you have a cancellation after that, we can  honor the cancellation of the chicks, but we will still need to charge you for the postage that was created for your order.





The state of New Hampshire requires the NH Fish and Game Permit number be on the health certificate that is sent with the birds. You will need to provide us with this before the birds can be sent.


The state of West Virginia requires an Importation Permit for all orders. This number has to be on the Health Certificate, which is sent with the birds. You will need to contact the WV Dept. of Ag., Chris Ryan @ 304-558-2771. There is no charge for this permit. You will need to provide us with this before the birds are sent.


The state of Maine now requires that you apply for import permit prior to shipment of Chukars and Pheasants. You will need to contact the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.  You must apply for this once your order has been placed.  This is necessary for the paperwork that is shipped with the birds.  Otherwise they cannot be shipped.

California Valley Quail

Tennessee Red Quail
These are muted Bobwhites and ideal for dog training and/or hunting preserves. VERY aggressive and cannot be raised with other quail or game birds.

Chukar Partridge
These attractive little birds are a real pleasure to have around. They domesticate readily and do well in the wild as well.

Gambel Quail
These beautiful little (10”) birds are found in the desert valleys of our Southwest. Each bird has a teardrop crest with the hen’s being shorter. Both sexes are brownish in color and the males are distinguished by black abdominal marking and black necks.

Bobwhite Quail
We sell the Northern Bobwhite Quail. These wonderful little birds are great flyers, delicious eating, excellent for training your hunting dog, and just fun to raise. They mature in 16 weeks and dress between 7-9 oz.

Utility Game Bird Assortment
Here is your chance to get a nice variety of wild game birds. The selection of birds will consist of 30 chukar partridge and 30 Chinese Ringneck pheasants.

Texas Blue Scale Quail
Both the hen & the cock are similar in appearance with the hens having a buff crest instead of the white crest of the males.