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Standard Breed Chicks
To help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15.  You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the 25 chick minimum order. Our operators are happy to suggest complementary breeds if you need assistance.

Our Best Egg Layers
Are you looking for great egg producing birds?  These are our best, they cannot be beat for shear number and quality of eggs they will produce.
Brown Egg Layers
These birds are all heavy body types and lay various shades of brown eggs. Generally speaking, due to their larger size these birds will do better in colder climates and lay more consistently during the cold weather.
White Egg Layers
This group of birds has lighter weight body types and the hens lay primarily white eggs. They tend to do better in warmer climates, most of the breeds with in this group originated around the Mediterranean.
Meat Birds

Nothing Tastes As Good As What You Grow Yourself!!!

That saying was never truer than with chickens you raise yourself.  The taste and quality of meat is outstanding and can not be matched by "Store Bought Chickens".

Distinctive and beautiful breeds of poultry sporting a top knot of feathers. Your chicken yard will never looks the same again.   
Feather Footed
This group is primarily made up of Cochins. Brought from China in the days of the clipper ships, in the mid 1800’s. These massive Asiatic fowl are covered with an extraordinary abundance of soft, fluffy feathers from head to toe. They are nat not the best of egg layers, but make good setters and mothers.
Rare Breeds
If you are looking for some beautiful and unusual breeds you need to check out this group.  The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is the pioneer organization working to conserve historic breeds and genetic diversity in livestock.  Many of the breeds in this grouping are included on their Critical and Threatened lists.
Assortments & Bargains
Not quite sure what to order or would like to save some money, try one of our assortments.  We offer a number of differnt assortment made of a mixture of breeds.