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Ducks Deluxe Mix
Let us make up an order for you that will come as a delightful surprise. We’ll send you at least 3 different kinds of ducks in an order of 15.

The Great Goose Group
Would you like to have a mixture of the different kinds of goslings we sell? Would you be willing to let us send you 10 goslings and guarantee to put in at least 3 different kinds but charge you less?

Fancy Duck Package
This rare and unusual package of ducklings will consist of at least 4 different varieties.

Barnyard Combinations
Here is a chance to get a variety of DUCKS, GEESE, and TURKEYS and save some money at the same time.
Runner Duck Assortment
Runner Duck Assortment
This assortment is made of our choice of at least 2 different varieties of: Black, Chocolate, Fawn & White and Blue Runner.

Homesteader's Delight
If you are a small land holder and would like a small number of birds but a great variety, this is the assortment you've been waiting for.

Fancy Goose Package
Our Fancy Goose package consists of rare and unusual varieties of geese, some of which are so limited in number that we cannot sell them as individual breeds, so we are offering them to you only in this package