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Automatic Waterers
push in waterer
Push-In Nipple Waterer
Nipple waterers are the surest way to: No more poop in water, no spilling, no more wet bedding, no messes!
McMurray Hatchery Low Pressure Watering System for Poultry
3 Bowl Watering System
3 drinker kit, for chickens and other poultry, hooks on to your water faucet. For use with all types of chickens or other poultry 10 days of age or older. 
Float Valve
Turn your garden hose into a low pressure watering system.
Poultry Cage Watering Kit
Cage Watering Kits
Use this Cage Watering Kit to build a watering system for poultry show cages, or use on the farm in breeding cages. Cup waterers also sold separately. 

Automatic Water Bowls
This handy system works great for chickens, pets, game birds, and other poultry. It can be used on pressure or gravity water systems and is easily detached for quick and easy cleaning. Operates at 20 to 50 PSI.


The BOWLS come in three sizes. KING SIZE BOWL can provide water for 300 mature birds.  GAME SIZE BOWL can provide water for 200 game birds.  BABY CHICK SIZE BOWL can provide water for 250 baby chicks.


Each BOWL includes a durable plastic bowl and one complete brass assembly. The BOWL will not rust or corrode and should not be harmed by most medications. The brass valve assembly that comes with the BOWL is made from solid brass and attaches to standard 1/2 inch pipe (NPT thread).  The brass assembly can be easily disassembled for cleaning.  To connect the water bowl to your garden hose there are two options.  You can purchase the proper garden hose adapter and 1/2 inch pipe at your local hardware store. 

The Tripod Kit contains the mount and the necessary connections to enable you to directly connect the waterer to a bucket.

The Wall Mount Kit conatins the mount and necessary connections to hook directly to hose.

The BOWL GUARD acts as an anti-roost device, and it helps prevent debris from getting into the water. Install it above the bowl.

We carry replacement parts for the bowls. The COMPLETE BRASS ASSEMBLY is identical to the brass assembly that is included with each of the water bowls described above. The REPLACEMENT VALVE come in packages of 5, and each is just the valve portion of the brass assembly.

Use the  VALVE TOOL (sold separately) to remove and replace the valve.

Platform Stand
This new plastic platform stand is ideal for most waterers and feeders. Keeps fountains or feeders raised, so that litter does not get into the troughs. Size: 2.75" high with 20.5" diameter.