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Black Cochins
The Cochin varieties date back to the 1870's. Black Cochins have fluffy, downy plumage giving them a somewhat massive, bulky appearance. They are a beautiful coal-black color.

Partridge Cochins
These are handsome, massive fowl of the Asiatic class and gorgeously colored. Males' hackle and saddle feathers are almost orange-red with black centers. Females have the typical partridge pattern with dark reddish brown feathers penciled in black.

Blue Cochins

This stately, gentle variety is very rare and extremely beautiful. The bluish-slate color is striking in Cochins.

Silver Laced Cochins
This variety is quite new and very rare with the typical silver laced plumage and color pattern.

Buff Cochins
These massive Asiatic fowl are covered with an extraordinary abundance of soft, fluffy, golden buff feathers from tip to toe. They were introduced from China in the mid 1800's, known as Shanghais, and created a sensation wherever shown.

White Cochins
One of the old Cochin varieties. These are like giant "snowballs", with masses of soft, white, downy plumage. They are beautiful birds of quiet disposition and outstanding for exhibition.