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Gro-Gel Plus

On the very first day, upon arrival, the probiotic Gro-Gel Plus is used. Gro-Gel Plus is the perfect solution to getting your poultry off to that all important great start. For baby poultry to grow and live efficiently they must readily start to eat and drink. Gro-Gel Plus provides immediate nutrition and hydration for all baby poultry in a very concentrated and digestible form. Research has shown that it has improved livability and mature body weights substantially thus saving you bird loss and money in the long run.

Here's how Gro-Gel Plus works:

Upon arrival, mix 1/2 cup of water with a packet of Gro-Gel Plus and spread it over their food creating a bright green attractant to their feed source. The birds will love it. Upon consumption, the day-olds will get water (Hydration), Proteins and Amino Acids (The building blocks of most body tissues), Carbohydrates and Fats (Energy), Vitamins (Gets the digestive and immune system started), and Probiotic Bacteria (Gets the gut bacterial population going). This is really a complete supplement for getting them off to a great start.

One packet will be enough for 100 baby chickens or turkey poults, 200 pheasant chicks or ducklings, or 400 baby quail. We highly recommend using Gro-Gel Plus on the first day and then supplementing your flock with either Quik Chik or Broiler Booster for the next several weeks.    Please consider adding this to your next order of day old baby poultry. This can we shipped with poultry orders.

GroGel Plus-B is composed of the following microorganisms:

LACTOSACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS: This is a primary Lactobacillus microorganism which according to documented research implants on the villi of the intestinal tract. The only member of this Lactobacillus genus known to implant. This microorganism during it growth phase produces lactic acid and the enzyme amylase. These strains were isolated from poultry and therefore are adapted to poultry. They will multiply rapidly in the poultry gut unlike other non-specific strains.

LACTORBACILLUS CASEI: This primary Lactobacillus enjoys a wide temperature and pH range in its growth phase. This microorganism complements the growth of L. acidophilus. Lactic acid is produced as well as amylase.

BIFIDOBACTERIUM BIFIDUM: This is a very delicate microorganism found commonly in mother's milk and the intestine of man and animals.

STREPTOCOCCUS FAECIUM: A beneficial Streptococcus microorganism know for its ability to produce Lactic acid in pH ranges similar to that of Lactobacillus casei.


Item # Description 1+ Quantity
6GEL Gro-Gel Plus 1+ $4.20 Quantity
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Instructions and ingredients for Gro Gel Plus

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