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Gro-Gel Plus
Gro-Gel Plus is the perfect solution to getting your poultry off to that all important great start. For baby poultry to grow and live efficiently they must readily start to eat and drink. Gro-Gel Plus provides immediate nutrition and hydration for all baby poultry in a very concentrated and digestible form. Studies show that the sooner you can get probiotics to the gut the long term benefits are astounding. Gro-Gel contains not one, but four probiotics. Thats why we include it in every shipping box with the birds as they travel. Make sure to have more on hand when they arrive.

Quik Chik
This is a must have for poultry owners. Get your chicks off to a good start with Quik Chik. Put this combination of vitamins and electrolytes in the drinking water right from the first day. It will help overcome shipping stress, and vitamin shortage. Add to water in the summer to beat heat stress. Truely one of the best things you can do for your chickens to keep them in their best shape. 

Broiler Booster
Cornish X Rocks, Roasters, Turkeys, and other heavy breeds of chickens have astounding growth rates. Our Broiler Booster contains amino acids and Biotin to help strengthen the legs and joints as they grow.