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Scalders & Pickers

Scalder - Electric
The secret to good picking is thorough,accurate scald. This home unit works well when you have just a few chickens, quail, game birds, ducks, and even small turkeys to process.
Automatic Chicken Picker
Proudly Made in the USA. Table Top picker can pluck any bird with feathers.

Featherman Pro
The Featherman Hands-free Poultry Plucker
Your hardest chore just became your easiest!

Simply drop up to 50 pounds of scalded birds into the tub and let the Featherman do the work.
EZ Plucker

Ideal for small hobby farms or backyard poultry !

Entry level based model. This plucker is for removing feathers off chickens in as little as 10 - 30 seconds .