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Chick Heating and Brooders

No more heat lamp! Keep your chicks toasty with this poultry brooder. 

large room brooder, large heater, barn heater
Canopy Gas Brooder

A hanging LP gas brooder that many of our customers have requested. The S.I.T. modulating control delivers variable quiet heat from 17,000-30,000 BTUH.

Single Bulb Brooder
Hanging Heat Lamps

Hanging Brooder Lamps

Radiant Heat Brooder

SAVE ENERGY! Why heat the entire building whan all you want to do is provide warmth for your birds. Radiant heaters heat animals, birds, people, objects not the air around them. What is radiant heat? The sun is an example of a radiant heater. It radiates infared heat waves through space until these rays strike an object, such as the planet Earth.

brinsea brooder, brooder, heat plate, hot plate
Brinsea EcoGlo Brooders

A brooder more like a mother hen. Radiant heat is far more efficient then a 250 watt heat bulb and its safer too. 

Brooder Guard

Use this single-faced corrugated board for a draft shield during those important first few weeks.

McMurray Hatchery Chick Starter Home Brooder Panels
Chick Starter Home
Durable plastic panels and adjustable lamp hanger take the work out of brooder set-up.