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Winter Accessorites
temp controlled outlet
Plugs into a standard grounded outlet and turns power on automatically according to outside air temperature
Heated Rabbit or Small Animal Waterer
Heated Rabbit Water Bottle
This plastic waterer has a built-in 20 watt heater and holds 32 oz. of water. Make sure your rabbits (or other small animals) have access to water all year with this heated bottle.
Thermo-Chicken Perch
Chickens prefer to sleep on a perch. Protect their feet and toes while warming their entire body at the same time.
Easy Carry Heated Waterer
The most innovative poultry waterer on the market. No more carrying buckets! New headed model
heat pad

Keep your chickens warm this winter with these specially designed chicken heat pads!


Perfect Bucket Heater
Keep up to a 5 gallon pail or bucket from freezing with this drop in heated.
Heated Poultry Waterer

250 Watt Heat Lamp
This brooder will supply heat for appoximately 100 baby chicks
flat back bucket
Heated Flat-Back Bucket
3 Gallon bucket with build in heater keeps this bucket ice free in our heavy midwest winters. Great for ducks and geese or any animal that makes a mess of the coop.
de icer
Water De-Icer

Electric De-icer can keep 50 gallons or water open even below zero. Safe for plastic or metal.

No Freeze Heater Base
This heated base keeps your galvanized fount open all winter