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Juvenile Waterfowl

Juvenile Ducks

Juvenile Ducks from McMurray Hatchery include some of the most exotic and rare varieties of waterfowl. Breeds include Wood Ducks, Mandarin Ducks, and more. 

McMurray Hatchery Demoiselle Crane - Closeup Demoiselle Crane

The Demoiselle Crane are the smallest of the crane species. These birds have a loud trumpeting call, and like other cranes, they perform an elaborate dancing display during mating. 

McMurray Hatchery East African Crowned Crane East African Crowned Crane

The East African Crowned Crane (balearica regulorum) is easy recognized by its striking crown of bristle feathers on the top of its head. These unique and rare birds are known for their energetic mating dance and keen eye sight. They are one of the only types of cranes that have the ability to perch and roost in trees.

McMurray Hatchery Purple Swamphen Purple Swamphen

The Purple Swamphen (Porphyrio porphyrio) is a large, bulky and rare black and blue waterfowl with a bright red bill, and orange-red legs and feet. As the Swamphen walks, its tail flicks up and down, revealing a white undertail. The Purple Swamphen is found along the water's edge in reeds, swamps, clumps of rushes, or long unkempt grass. 

McMurray Hatchery Sacred Ibis Sacred Ibis

The Sacred Ibis is a large, quiet bird with long legs and a thin, downward curved bill. The Sacred Ibis is a mostly white with black on its head, neck, rear end, legs and feet. This is an ancient breed often found in in marshes, swamps, riverbanks, flooded farmlands and coastal lagoons. 

McMurray Hatchery Stanley Cranes Stanley Cranes

McMurray Hatchery Juvenile Swans Swans

Juvenile Swans from McMurray Hatchery are available as yearling or breeder male/female pairs. Breeds include Australian Black Swans and White Mute, Trumpeter and Whooper swans. 

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