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Juvenile Guineas

Our juvenile guineas - age 12-22 weeks - are raised on our grass pasture and supplemented with our natural feed.

Guineas are natural bug exterminators - they are excellent in controlling ticks and fleas.  As such - they roam in search of fresh supply of bugs. When your guineas arrive, please be very aware of their tendency to roam.

Very Important: Guineas are known to wander in search of food, please keep them confined a minimum for 3-4 weeks before allowing them to free range. They will then associate this as home. Even with this confinement they might wander off,  if this is a concern keep them continually confined.

Your order of Vulturine Guinea juvenile fowl will ship on the Wednesday following the day the order was placed. The Pearl and Assorted normally ship on Tuesdays.

Vulturine Guinea Fowl - Juvenile
Juvenile Perl Guinea
Juvenile Pearl Guineas
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