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Juvenile Ducks
McMurray Hatchery Fulvous Tree Ducks
Fulvous Tree Duck

The Fulvous Tree Duck (Dendrocygna bicolor) — more frequently known as the Fulvous Whistling Duck — is a medium-sized, caramel-brown and black, long-necked and long-legged duck. The Fulvous Whistling Duck is a noisy bird, with a clear whistling call heard when on the ground, in flight, in the day and at night. 

North American Ruddy Duck
McMurray Hatchery Male Hooded Merganser Duck
Hooded Merganser Duck

The Hooded Merganser Duck (Lophodytes cucullatus) is the smallest of the merganser species in North America. The male Hooded Merganser has an extravagant, large black and white crest outlined in black and bright yellow-orange eyes which are adapted for good underwater vision. Females also are “hooded” with a gray and brown head and a cinnamon-colored body. The Hooded Merganser Duck is a cavity nester, sometimes found in flocks along with Ruddy Ducks in the Great Lakes region. Population decline of these ducks has been linked to deforestation and water pollution.  

North American Shoveler
McMurray Hatchery Green Winged Teal Duck
Green Winged Teal Duck

The Green Winged Teal Duck (Anas carolinensis) is the smallest of the North American dabbling ducks. While the Green Winged Teal Duck is a an agile flier, they are cold hardy, quite tame, and easy to raise. Green Winged Teal males have a chestnut-colored head with an iridescent green patch from its eyes to the nape of its neck, a spotted pinkish-brown chest and a gray body. Female green-winged teal are mottled brown with a dark brown line that extends from the bill through the eye.

McMurray Hatchery Ring Teal Duck - Drake
Ring Teal Ducks

Ring Teal Duck (Callonetta leucophrys) — also called the Ringed Teal Duck — is one of the smallest duck breeds. These spry little waterfowl are very popular as they are good breeders, colorful year round, and require only a small aviary or pen and a small pond. Males have a blue bill, a speckled pink breast, and a light tan head with a black crown line that extends down to the base of its neck. Males also have dark, chestnut backs and gray flanks and teal green feathers that can be seen during flight. 

McMurray Hatchery Mandarin Duck Pair
Mandarin Ducks

The Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata) is a close relative of the North American Wood Duck. These small waterfowl are known for their colorful appearance, cultural significance, and elaborate courting rituals. The Mandarin Duck is one of the world’s most beautiful duck breeds and one of the easiest to identify. Its stunning colors have been a favorite subject in oriental art throughout the ages. 

McMurray Hatchery White Faced Tree Ducks
White Faced Tree Ducks

The White Faced Tree Duck (Dendrocygna viduata) is also called the White Faced Whistling Duck. True to their name, the White Faced Tree Duck has a white face. The back of its head is black. It has a rust-colored neck and breast, black and white barred feathering on its side and back, and gray legs and bill. 

North American Pintail Duck
McMurray Hatchery Breeder Pair of Wood Ducks
Wood Duck

Wood Ducks are stunning waterfowl with iridescent coloring and a boxy, crested head. Available as male/female pairs, Wood Ducks nest in holes in trees or in nest boxes and are one of the few duck species equipped with strong claws that can grip bark and perch on branches in trees.

North American Red Head Duck