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Frequently Asked Questions

Nutritional Needs for Geese


  • 0-2 WEEKS OLD: 22-22.5% Waterfowl Starter Crumble — If you can't find a 22% starter feed, use a 20+% protein starter feed and use it for a full 4 weeks.
  • 3 WEEKS THROUGH FIRST EGG: 17.5-19% Waterfowl Grower Crumble
  • DURING EGG PRODUCTION: 15.5% Waterfowl Layer Pellet
  • FOR MEAT PRODUCTION: 16% Waterfowl High Gain Pellet — Add 40mg/kg of Zinc Methionine and increase Vitamin K to 50 mg/kg and Vitamin E to 5 mg/kg for 3-4 weeks prior to processing to help prevent bruising.
  • BETWEEN LAYING SEASONS: 14.5-16% Waterfowl Maintenance Pellet