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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coccidiosis and how do I control the disease?
Keeping small poultry flocks healthy and productive requires skilled husbandry practices. We are now offering a coccidiosis vaccine to help you manage your flock. Coccidia are common protozoan parasites. They are present in almost all chicken yards and can lay dormant for years until chickens are introduced. Heavy infections of coccidia cause serious disease and may kill many chickens. Chickens of all ages can come down with coccidiosis, but 4- to 16-week-old chickens are most commonly affected. Wet litter, poor nutrition and concurrent diseases are the most common triggers of coccidiosis. We do vaccinations here at the hatchery, because it is best to vaccinate chicks at 1-3 days of age. A successful vaccination will provide long-lasting immunity.
PLEASE READ: To reduce the threat of coccidiosis you should either: 1) Have us vaccinate your birds and not use medicated feed. OR 2) Use a medicated feed containing a coccidiostat. ORGANIC GROWERS: Vaccinations are in compliance with the NOP/USDA organic standards. You should verify with your certifying agency before having us vaccinate your chicks.

For more answers to your health care questions: Chicken Health Handbook, Guide to Raising Chickens.