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Home / Frequently Asked Questions / Why don't you ship chicks express?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you ship chicks express?

While the USPS requires Express Mail for shipment of adult birds – which is anything other than day-old birds – the USPS does not guarantee overnight delivery of live animals. The USPS has different rules for the shipment of live animals. The USPS retains the right to alter the flights used to protect the animals (For example, live animals can not fly on flights that have dry ice.).

Below is the USPS (DMM 604, 9.0, 9.5.5, Paragraph G) ruling/reference for all mail:

United States Postal Service Domestic Mail Manual

604 Postage Payment Methods and Refunds

9.0 Exchanges and Refunds

9.5.5 Refunds Not Given

A postage refund will not be given if the guaranteed service was not provided due to any of the following circumstances:

g. The shipment contained live animals and was delivered or delivery was attempted within 3 days of the date of mailing.