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Frequently Asked Questions
Chick Care Tips
What does straight run mean?
What is the ratio of males/females in a straight run?
Which breeds are friendliest?
Can you mix together chickens of different ages?
Can I mix baby chicks with other types of fowl such as turkeys, ducks, geese, etc. on an order?
Which breed lays better, Red Star or Black Star?
Will I get Americanas in Murrays Choice Layers?
Will all the breeds in my chick order get along with each other?
If you offer the Homesteader's Delight, why can't I order a few chicks, turkeys, & ducks myself?
How long do I have to keep feeding them un-medicated feed if I get coccidiosis vaccination?
What chicken breeds do best in heat?
What chicken breeds do best in cold?
How much is my adult chicken worth?
What kind of offspring can I expect when crossing different breeds?
What is a capon?
Egg Production Ratings
Game Birds Shipping Information
I Live Outside The U.S. Can You Still Ship To Me?
Why are the shipping charges different than the earlier catalog?
Why dont you ship chicks express?
How far should my nest be off the floor?
How much space do my chickens need?
What is a dropping board?
How do I determine the sex of my poultry
Why do chickens peck at each other & what can we do about it?
What is Coccidiosis and how do I control the disease?
What is Marek's Disease and how do I control the disease?
Do you have any information on Salmonella?
What is Newcastle Disease?
At what temperatures do hens lay eggs the best?
Can you tell if a hen will lay white or brown eggs?
How long does it take for a hen to lay eggs?
Is there any way to tell if an egg is fresh?
How long will a hen lay?
At what age do chickens molt (lose feathers/natural process)?
How long will a chicken molt
How many roosters do you need to keep eggs fertile?
Egg Hatching Tips
Why do I have to turn the eggs that often in the incubator?
My hatching eggs arrived today, and they feel as cold as ice?  Will they hatch?
Chick Starter 0-3 Weeks
Duck Starter 0-3 Weeks
Turkey Starter 0-6 Weeks
Chick Grower 4-6 Weeks
Duck Grower 3-7 Weeks
Turkey Grower 6-10 Weeks
Broiler Finisher 7 Weeks +
Duck Finisher 8 Weeks +
Turkey Finisher 8 Weeks +
Layer/Breeder 10 Weeks +
How long can a chicken live?
How do I order a gift certificate?
What does McMurray Hatchery think about the National Animal Identification System?(NAIS)
Can I order turkeys & chickens to come together?   Or ducks & chicks?
How do ducks and geese get angel wing?
General information about Geese
If I have too many, will male ducks/geese fight like my roosters?
Feeding your turkeys
Which turkey breed is the best for meat?
How long until turkeys are ready to butcher?
Answers to questions about Guineas
What do I do if I have a problem with an order I placed with Murray McMurray Hatchery?
what is your minimum for shipping chicks?
what is the minimum for shipping started pullets?
When will my chicks arrive?
What if some chicks die when I receive them?
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Important Facts about Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
Biosecurity Tips: 6 Ways To Prevent Poultry Disease
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